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A look at some frequently visited locales






Villa Marina

The heart of the action.  This apartment complex built in the swinging 60's is home to all your favorite MDR residents.  Two stories, exterior entrances, lush foliage, and a sparkling pool are just some of the amenities in this coveted address two short blocks from the water.  Be mindful of what you do.  The neighbors are friendly, but sometimes a little too friendly.  






Charlene's House

Wealthy philanthropist Charlene Fletcher lives in this sprawling estate in Brentwood with her younger husband Max and sometimes his two small children.  

The Yacht Club

Meeting place for scandelous business deals and lazy afternoons over drinks.  Brian works here as a batender.  His brother, studio executive Brett Armstrong, lives in the posh condos above.






M-Tech Headquarers

The up and coming startup software company bound to develop the latest in trendy mobile apps and video games.  Andrea is an account manager here, using her femanine allure to always land a new sale.  Sueann also works here when she isn't fawning over Josh.


Davenport Financial

Financial investment firm owned by Andrea's wealthy but corrupt father.  Josh works here while he isn't moonlighting as a hacker and potential terrorist.






Burton Chase Park

Miles of walking trails and grassy banks.  Perfect for daydreaming or plotting your next conquest.


The Marina

A few short blocks from the apartment complex is this major water way.  Brett Armstrong's condo can be seen in the background.





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