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Sizzling sex, scandelous secrets, and sun-drenched love nests await .  And you thought Hollywood was racy...


Move in to L.A.'s hottest address in this all new webseries from the writer of The Blackthornes.  Follow Brian Miller as he makes a go of married life in Marina Del Rey with his beautiful but spoiled wife Courtney. There you'll meet a whole new cast of characters who specialize in backstabbing and sordid games of sexual one-upmanship, all set amidst the backdrop of yachts, swanky apartments, and sunsets. Fight the traffic and come over for a new guilty pleasure.  You know you want to.

  Episode 1

 "Pure Morning"


In the premiere episodes, Brian settles back into Courtney's apartment, where a slew of neighbors are rabid with gossip over their  breakup and reunion.  A new tenant moves in and immediately raises questions.  


Remember When


Marina Del Rey is posted  bi-weekly. Be sure to read its sister series, The Blackthornes in conjunction, as characters and storylines often cross-over.


Look for special appearances in upcoming episodes of Marina Del Rey by Blackthornes favorites such as Miranda, Brett, Heather, Chris, and some others not seen for quite some time.

Want to know how it all started?  Courtney made her debut in The Blackthornes back in Episode 165 as an old high school flame of Stormy's whom he slept with while married to Jane.  Courtney is also the niece of Hollywood producer Xander Dalton.  Brian first appeared in Episode 174 as Courtney's boyfriend and business partner.  It was revealed a few episodes later  that he was Brett Armstrong's step-brother.  Read up on the seventh season of The Blackthornes for more backstory on these two characters.  

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